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Avenue Medihome's 8th Annual Lunch
Avenue Medihome's 8th Annual Lunch
@The Prestige Hotel

A heartfelt thank you to all our dedicated employees for their commitment and hard work! Your efforts contribute to the success of our company, and we're incredibly grateful.

Check out the winners below:

*Avenue Medihome (Jalan Gajah)*
Grand Prize :
Bangkok 4D3N Trip for Two - SN. Dayah & Cook. Siew Bee

Second Prize:
Pulau Pangkor 2D1N Trip - Helper. Umi

Third Prize:
Marshall Bluetooth Speaker - SN. Pari

Best Employee Award 2023 - SN. Dayah
*Avenue Medihome (Bayan Lepas)*
Grand Prize:
Cash RM600 - Helper. Cindy

Second Prize:
Eastin Hotel Buffet Voucher (Worth RM100) - Helper. Siska

Third Prize:
2in1 BBQ Pan + Hotpot Steamboat - Helper. Darti
Guess who is the winner of "Best Dressed Award" for our Blue & White Extravaganza (Denim) Theme ?
The award goes to SN. Dayah!!!

A massive congratulations to all our winners!Here's to another year of success and growth!
Christmas Wonders - Christmas Party 2023
Premium Nursing Home l Avenue Medihome (Bayan Lepas)
Looking for Premium Nursing Home?

Avenue Medihome (Bayan Lepas) is your perfect choice!
Fire Drill Training In Nursing Home
To extinguish a fire using a fire extinguisher, you can follow the PASS method:
P - Pull the pin
A - Aim the base of fire
S - Squeeze the lever
S - Sweep side to side
Simple Physiotherapy For Elderly
Here's Ben, our skilled physiotherapist, here to guide you through simple and effective physiotherapy exercises tailored for seniors.
Aromatherapy Massage For Elderly
Experience the Joy of Mini Snooker!
Introducing our new Mini Snooker Activity - a delightful way for our elderly to bond, have fun, and stay mentally sharp.

Watch our beloved residents playing snooker in a cozy and welcoming environment. Let the good times roll!
Activity of The Day : Playing Golf
A day filled with joy and laughter as our beloved elderly residents indulged in a delightful game of golf at our nursing home. "Swish~!", some of them even managed to send the ball straight to the hole! It's ONE-IN-A-HOLE!

Our residents embraced the joy of the moment, proving that age is just a number when it comes to having fun and creating cherished memories.
Avenue Medihome Care Centre - Nursing Home In Penang
Are you having trouble deciding which nursing home suits your elderly loved ones the best?

Here's why Avenue Medihome Care Centre is your perfect choice.

Avenue Medihome (AMH) is a perfect home away from home. We provide the best nursing care to our residents.
"A Place Where Quality Of Life Counts"

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