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Angsana Home

Angsana Home is a Penang Rehabilitation and Elderly care home managed by specialist doctors. The person in charge is a nursing home doctor with 15 years of experience in the UK. Our doctor specializes in elderly (Geriatric) and palliative care holistically.

Angsana Home is a resident and family-centered care nursing home. As reflected in our ethics and value, we respect our residents' wish to be in control of their lives. Our specialist doctor will work in a mutually beneficial partnership with our residents and their family members to achieve the best outcome in decision-making. Our specialist doctor will proactively monitor our residents and share management plan decisions with our residents and their family members.

Angsana Home aims to attract and retain employees who care about making a difference in our residents' lives. Our training ethos and policies respect and value both our residents and our staff. our dedicated team is trained to put themselves in the perspective of our residents to ensure that geriatric care is given with compassion, dignity, and respect at all times. This sense of worth permeates our interreacts and engenders care as a community.

Angsana Home aims to provide a happier and more fulfilling life experience for our elderly residents. A beautifully renovated house with a homey feel surrounded by lush greens and fresh air is ideal for daily walks and senior living.

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